We suggest you take your business to a new level and achieve high results in providing quality service, selling goods and services by joining our program and getting invaluable tuition.

Texas Chenist conducts full-time or remote training and seminars for employees of pharmacies and pharmacy chains. We have developed various tuition programs for pharmacy workers.

The program teaches pharmacists simple and effective methods of quality service at the pharmacy and allows you to move from just the offer of medicines to professional counseling. Become an expert for a pharmacy visitor! There are many factors that ensure a good level of sales in pharmacies, such as location, choice of target audience, compliance with pricing policy, selection of the range, mode of operation, and others.

The result of the company depends on the contribution of staff by 51%. We train pharmacists in methods and techniques of providing quality service. We train to see the problem of the buyer and offer the best solution for him or her. Special attention is paid to increasing the cost of a one-time purchase at the expense of better work, identifying customer needs and offering related products.

The purpose of the program offered by Texas Chemist is to increase the professionalism of the first-time worker in the provision of pharmacy goods and services with the study of basic techniques and methods of quality service and effective communication. We help to realize and become a real service expert in the pharmacy.

We offer the following tuition programs:

  • Work as a pharmacist and a first-time worker;
  • Work as a pharmacy manager;
  • Basics of administration;
  • Efficient analysis of pharmacy assortment;
  • Work with suppliers.;
  • Strategic analysis and audit of pharmacy activities.

We will review the following issues:

  1. Individual or top-class pharmacy service;
  2. Who is a pharmacy visitor? Types of buyers and their expectations;
  3. Why buy from an online pharmacy?
  4. Where does the pharmacy start the service?
  5. Features of customer service;
  6. Image of a customer support representative and his/her influence on the purchase decision;
  7. The ways to awaken the trust of the pharmacy buyer;
  8. Consultative service;
  9. The main fears of buyers;
  10. Strategies for the provision of goods and services of a pharmacy;
  11. The rules of advisory services in an online pharmacy;
  12. The algorithm of working with objections.

Methods: mini-lectures; decision moderation; brainstorming; role-playing game on the working scenario of communication with the pharmacy visitor, accompanied by a business consultant – development of proper communication.

Our team has professional coaches with experience in large pharmaceutical companies who can design and conduct training courses for a specific employee, as well as for a group or the entire company.