Texas Chemist is a legit online pharmacy serving the residents of Texas with high-quality generic medications for men’s health at affordable prices for 12 years already.

The main purpose of the company is to take care of your well-being. We have an ambitious task – to turn the pharmacy into multi-functional points of pharmaceutical assistance. In our store, people will be able to get professional advice from pharmacists on a specific problem, purchase suitable medicines, learn about new ED drugs and market trends.

The comfort of our customers is no less important for us. We strive to make the process of choosing and buying products as convenient as possible.

Our mission

  1. To meet the needs of our customers in high-quality medical products;
  2. To offer what the person needs here and now;
  3. Respect the problems of each customer and find the best solution for them;
  4. Improve and develop our service.

Texas Chemist today

At the moment, our online pharmacy occupies one of the leading positions in the retail segment of goods for men’s health.

The main principles of the company: only high-quality products; reliable and professional work of competent pharmacists; convenient service; respectful and attentive attitude towards customers.

The official website of our company offers the most popular and effective tablets for erectile dysfunction available online: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, etc. Each product comes with a detailed description and instructions for use. The site periodically publishes the latest medical news, information about the company’s activities, customer surveys on men’s health and much more.

We strive to make healthcare affordable by offering medications at competitive prices. In addition, we offer good discounts and special offers.

Here you can purchase:

  • Generics for quick recovery of erection. You will be ready for long-term sexual contact 20-40 minutes after taking a tablet;
  • Medicines that prevent rapid ejaculation. Give pleasure to your beloved woman;
  • Supplements to restore various erectile dysfunctions. Supplements gently affect the male body and quickly restore sexual desire, improve erection and add a surge of energy;
  • Drugs to increase the size of the penis. After taking the pills, you will notice that the penis is 30% bigger. The sexual desire and erection also increase several times;
  • Trial ED packs that will allow you to spend a great weekend with your beloved woman.

Best service for customers

Our pharmacy is proud of its well-established mechanisms for selling goods and serving customers, creating the most comfortable conditions for visitors:

  • round-the-clock operation for residents of Texas;
  • respectful and correct attitude to customers;
  • an extensive list of medical products for men’s health;
  • the ability to order rare drugs that are not available in your local drugstore;
  • professional advice from experienced pharmacists.

Our advantages

What allowed our company to take a high position in the medical goods market in Texas?

  • Fast shipping. Delivery of the order most often occurs the very next day! As soon as you place an order online, the information enters our system. The order is promptly processed by the staff and it is shipped to the specified address to most or locations in Texas;
  • Compare and select! We offer a good choice. We have drugs with the same name but from different manufacturers. Each product has a description and you can compare prices, composition, action without leaving home and order what you like more;
  • No spamming! We will not call or message you if you do not want it. The only reason why we can message or call you is that you have made an order and we need some additional information;
  • Safe and legit. Our business is legal, al our products are FDA approved. We comply with the current law of the US;
  • Confidentially. All orders are sent in transparent packages, so nobody except you will be able to figure out what you’ve ordered. We understand that you want to remain anonymous;
  • Quality goods. Our store is the leading pharmaceutical distributor in Texas. We guarantee the quality of the goods because we work only with reliable Indian suppliers and follow all the rules for the storage and transportation of medicines. All available products have all the necessary documents, instructions, licenses and certificates. When ordering through our website, you can be confident in the quality of the goods;
  • Professional staff. The introduction of our own professional development programs and the constant participation of employees in informative training seminars allow improving the staff and potential. We are a team of like-minded professionals who work according to generally accepted ethical standards of doing business;
  • Looking to the future. We think not only about today but are also looking to the future. We develop a number of projects that are aimed at optimizing the company’s activities. First of all, it is an increase in competitiveness and an expansion of sales geography;
  • Extending the range. Our pharmacy constantly expands the range of products for men to ensure the maximum satisfaction of their needs.

Generic or branded ED drugs: what to choose?

Texas Chemist specializes in selling generic pills for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation online: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and many others. Generic is a medicine that is sold under a generic international name or a proprietary name that differs from the original drug. As a rule, these are names derived from the active substance or names that are consonant with the original product.

The main difference of a generic product from the original drug is its price: it is often several times lower than that of the original. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer of the drug had to invest millions of dollars in the development of a chemical formula for clinical trials, product promotion on the market and other expenses. A generic manufacturer needs to wait for the end of a patent for a drug and start cheaper reproduction of the active substance. This process is not only legal but also approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA, as well as many countries,  support the program of affordable medicine and encourage pharmacy chains to sell generics.

Our pharmacy offers you to buy a generic medication with the same active ingredient and save a lot even without leaving home!

Cheap does not mean bad!

The availability of drugs is an important indicator of its development in our society. Affordable medicine and social prices in pharmacies are one of the key goals in all countries of the world. We also support this direction and therefore, when you buy from us, you save up to 40%. How does this happen? As we said above, generics are cheaper analogs of drugs, which were produced according to all international standards and repeat the composition of the original drug.

We do everything to make prices the most affordable and work without intermediaries – directly with the manufacturer, which gives a significant advantage over other Internet pharmacies and generic stores.

Quality control

We care about the health of our customers, and therefore we are responsible for the quality of drugs that are sold in our online pharmacy. All our products are approved by the Indian FDA.

Our suppliers of drugs are only major distributors who work directly with Indian drug manufacturers licensed to international standards. This eliminates the possibility of supplying our network with low-quality goods. We use a computer program that allows us to track rejected batches and lots of drugs. We have two-stage quality control of drugs in our company.

Customer reviews

Read what the customers say about ordering from Texas Chemist:

Andrew: “Thank you very much for the opportunity to buy all these drugs online. It is somehow embarrassing to go to the pharmacy to buy Viagra… I can’t discuss these issues with a stranger. Thank you for affordable prices, a good choice, fast delivery. Best option for me!”

Matt: “I hate city pharmacies with sky-rocketing prices. Had a problem in bed, ordered Cialis through this website. I have long been waiting for a store like yours! Went to the site, read the description, chose a suitable option, paid online and got it delivered the next day! Saved money and time. Love your pharmacy. Keep it up!”

Johnatan: “I bought a trial ED pack. Now I will order a big pack of Cialis! Thank you for the second youth. Really SUPER!!! Recommend to everyone.”

Arthur: “Ordered a small pack of Cialis, Levitra and Viagra 3 weeks ago and just ordered a big pack of Viagra. Look forward to receiving my order!!!”

Joe: “Ordered a few times from Texas Chemist, love the quality of the drugs and especially the fact that they work in half an hour 100%!!! Btw, Levitra in my local drugstore is overpriced!! Managed to save $50.”

James: “I did not trust online stores but had to try lack and order pills for erectile dysfunction in this pharmacy because it’s anonymous. Ordered several drugs at once. Satisfied with the quality of each of the purchased tablet. Got bonuses from the store. Summary: low price and high quality! Will return for more.”

Oskar: “I just love the result! Had a similar erection 25 years ago! I hope there will be no side effects. I regret only one thing – that I bought only 20 pills!”

Entrust your health to professionals!