Texas Chemist respects your privacy. We have developed this Privacy Policy, which should give you a clear understanding of how our site works and how we handle personal data. This Privacy Policy explains what information about you may be collected, how this information may be used, your choices regarding our use of your data, and how we protect them. The company understands that the topic of health is personal in nature, and we would like you to feel as comfortable as possible when visiting this website and using the services provided on it.

In the event of significant changes to the Privacy Policy, we will make every possible effort to notify you about it. Minor changes to the Privacy Policy, if they do not relate to the conditions of use of personal data or personal health information, may be made without notice. If the new edition of the Privacy Policy significantly changes the way we process personal data, we will not use your personal information obtained earlier without sending a corresponding notice or obtaining your consent, if necessary. We will post changes to the Privacy Policy on our website in a timely manner.

We hope that acquaintance with the above sections will allow you to get a clear idea of how we process the information provided by you.

We can provide information to our partners, while the protection of such information is carried out in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Types of collected personal data

Information received from visitors

Visitors to our website can go to the home page of the site and download individual sections of the resource without providing personal data. We do track the information your browser provides to us, including the data from which site you visited our site (URL), the type of browser you used, the time and date you entered the site, and other information that is not personal data.

We also process information about you that is automatically generated by our Web server, for example, an IP address and a domain name. We may use the information collected by the Web server and the browser for the purpose of individualizing the information provided on the website in the event that you provide your personal data.

Information received during the purchase of goods

Visitors wishing to buy products on the site must provide their personal information, such as name and contact information. The company always requests the consent of site visitors before receiving personal data. In cases of receiving personal data directly from visitors, we inform them about the objectives and intended use of the data, options and means, if any, that we provide to our users to limit the use and disclosure of personal data. Notifications in which visitors are asked to leave personal information are written in simple and understandable language. We do not use or disclose personal data for purposes other than that presented at the time of its receipt.

Other information

We also receive information that you voluntarily provide us by responding to various surveys, providing feedback and other means available on the site.

We may ask you to provide additional information, such as an email address if you are interested in receiving additional materials or information, as well as to consider possible claims or resolve disputes.

Cookie Policy

We collect information about you using cookies and other technologies. We use this information to better understand, adapt and improve our interaction with the user, as well as manage our advertising process. For example, we use network analytics services that provide the most efficient use of cookies in order to understand how visitors learn about our website and navigate it (for example, how and when pages of the site are visited and how many visitors we have). In addition, we can offer our visitors more individualized, more relevant information using cookies, providing content and functionality tailored to your preferences and interests. If you provide us with Personal Information, we may associate this Personal Information with information collected through the cookies. This enables us to provide a higher level of personalization and functionality.

Your web browser can be configured in such a way that you can control cookies: accept or reject them, or notify you every time a cookie is sent to your browser. If your browser is configured to prevent cookies from being stored, then websites that use cookies will not recognize you when you return to the website, and some of the functionality of the website may be lost. Your browser’s Help section may tell you how to prevent your browser from receiving cookies.

Use of your information

We collect aggregated data on the number of site visitors for the purpose of improving this resource. We also use this data to conduct market research and can provide aggregated or statistical information that does not allow identifying specific individuals and does not associate specific people with any diseases or conditions, our partners or third parties.

In the event of the transfer of information to third parties acting on behalf of Texas Chemist, we undertake all possible conditions to agree with such persons in composing the Privacy Policy and other principles for handling information. If it becomes known to us that a third party acting on behalf of the pharmacy illegally disclosed information about any of the site visitors, we will immediately take measures to prevent subsequent violations.

Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, we will not transfer your personal data to third parties without your consent.

Protection of information

How we maintain confidentiality when using information

Our obligation to protect information

We have developed appropriate procedures for the protection of information, including personal data, and the prevention of unauthorized access to it, as well as for the correct use of information obtained on the site.

General rules

We use special technologies and special policies, rules, and other measures to protect the personal information we receive from unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, or loss. One of the ways to protect your information is to have a requirement for all employees and other persons who have access to or participate in the processing of personal data to comply with the Privacy Policy.

We use security methods to identify the visitors using the site in order to ensure that the relevant rights and restrictions apply to such users. We use a username and password to identify users. Visitors registered on the site are personally responsible for the safety of their passwords.

Third parties

In addition to the aggregated data mentioned above, we can also provide some information to third parties under the conditions described below:

Legal and natural persons with whom we work: For the purpose of fulfilling obligations under a contract with the pharmacy, third parties may have limited access to certain personal information that we receive from our users. In addition, third parties may, on behalf of Texas Chemist, collect information through their sites. We require such third parties to adhere to this Privacy Policy and also limit their access to personal data to the minimum necessary information for the purposes of fulfilling obligations under the contract. We apply all possible conditions for the purpose of limiting third-party access to personal information or information about the health of users of the site.

Information materials: The company may periodically send information materials to certain groups of consumers. We may use third parties for distribution. Upon completion of registration on the site, you will be given the opportunity to agree or refuse to receive additional information from the pharmacy or third parties cooperating with the pharmacy. You can also always refuse to receive newsletters in the future, following the appropriate instructions specified in the newsletters. Our support team will exclude you from the mailing list.

When we can disclose your personal data

You will be given the opportunity to confirm your consent or opt out of the following options:

  • Your personal information may be provided to a third party who cooperates with our online pharmacy;
  • Your personal information may be used for other purposes than those originally agreed: change of ownership of a company – in this case, we will require the new owner to comply with this Privacy Policy; legal requirements – we may disclose personal data if required by applicable law. We can also provide personal health information if it is necessary to comply with the law and applicable rules or to avoid death or serious harm to the health of an individual who is the subject of such data.

Data transfer

Before submitting your personal data to third parties, we will request appropriate consent. The collection, use and disclosure of personal data may include the transfer of data to states other than Texas, which may lack equivalent laws and regulations regarding privacy and data protection. In such cases, we will ask you to provide consent for such transfer and disclosure of data.

Updating your personal data and contacting Texas Chemist

You can contact us, including for the purpose of sending a request for:

  • deleting personal information provided by you on our website;
  • making changes to the personal data you provide;
  • changing your preferences for obtaining additional information.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or about the principles of Texas Chemist’s operation regarding the collection, use of information or approaches to its disclosure, you can contact us at support@tnhealthcareersers.net.

We will try to make all the necessary efforts to quickly respond to your inquiries, questions or problems that may arise on your part with regard to your personal data. In addition to situations regulated by law, we cannot guarantee the response to questions or comments related to this Privacy Policy.