According to the new regulations, Texas Chemist has introduced new guidelines to protect consumers from providers who put profits higher than patient care.

The updated regulations include additional precautions for the sale of certain types of prescription drugs (antibiotics, psychotropic drugs that can cause addiction or abuse, as well as non-surgical cosmetic products). In particular, changes to the document include such innovations as:

  • processes of identification and verification of the identity of people purchasing drugs;
  • the ability to identify inadequate drug requests;
  • the possibility of checking whether an appropriate consultation with a doctor was conducted.

The frequency of online pharmacy inspections is increased several times. Online pharmacies must comply with our standards and follow this guide in order to provide safe and effective services to consumers. Texas Chemist meets all the requirements. We regularly check the quality of the goods of our suppliers.

How not to buy a fake drug?

Look at the price. If the price is too low it seems to be suspicious. The big question – because of what it is below. If everything is legal, it is usually a matter of soon expiration. Moreover, if you know that this date is close, and the price is normal, you can ask yourself if they will give you a discount.

If you are not given an online check, it seems suspicious.

Pay attention to the packaging. If you buy medications, it is significant to ensure that the packaging and instructions are written in English. If not, then the drug is sold illegally. Pfizer advises you to see if the packaging is not damaged and if the batch number, production date, manufacturer and expiration date are the same on the packaging and inside it – on the blister.

Check the medication by series. You can check whether the drugs in this series have been withdrawn from production.

If you doubt the authenticity of the drug, ask for a certificate or declaration of conformity. You may also contact the manufacturer. Texas Chemist guarantees 100% authenticity of the sold products.