Texas Chemist invites you to take part in the MyCAA program devoted to optimizing sales in an online pharmacy.

Sales are the essence of the activities of commercial enterprises, one of which is an online pharmacy. The purpose of a pharmacy is to sell medicines to the public, but employees should not forget that the pharmacy must receive a profit. Given this fact, the pharmacist who sells drugs should perform his/her duties in the best possible way.

In order to trade well, you need to master some skills and get the necessary knowledge in this area. Some people believe that selling is easy, and anyone who can count can cope with it, but Texas Chemist can hardly agree with that. Of course, everyone can sell “somehow”, but not everyone is able to sell effectively.
In order to maximize profits and improve the welfare of the pharmacy, we need a competent specialist, a pharmacist who is not only first-class knowledgeable in medicines but also knows how to trade.

Many pharmacy managers understand the importance of a pharmacist in promoting goods and are interested in having highly qualified specialists work in their pharmacy, and therefore they pay special attention to the training of their staff. For this reason, the managers of online pharmacies join various training programs for pharmacists, including the MyCAA program.

Target audience: first-timers, pharmacists, pharmacy managers.

The purpose of the program: increasing sales, improving the quality of customer service at the pharmacy, introducing corporate standards in working with customers.

Program objectives:

  1. Getting knowledge of sales technologies in online pharmacies;
  2. Retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones;
  3. Improving the professional competence of employees when working with clients in stressful and conflict situations;
  4. Formation and promotion of corporate standards of service work with clients;
  5. Increase in sales.

Main areas of work:

  1. Psychology of sales in the pharmacy.
  2. Model effective sales advisory.

Effects from participation in the program:

  1. Active position in sales;
  2. The ability to establish a trusting relationship with the client at each stage of the sale;
  3. Skills of effective communication with various types of clients;
  4. Techniques for determining customer needs, persuading and processing objections, motivating a customer to make a purchase;
  5. Increase confidence in your professional abilities;
  6. Increased motivation to improve your efficiency.

Benefits for the company:

  1. Sales growth;
  2. Improving customer service;
  3. The introduction of corporate standards in working with clients;
  4. Improving the competitiveness of the company.

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