Texas Chemist offers all pharmacists (beginners and future specialists) join a unique training program that includes lectures, seminars and training in pharmacology, novelties and quality of service. We are proud of our team – many employees work in our company for over 10 years! At the moment, Texas Chemist is the base for training and internships for young pharmacist specialists in Texas and Tennessee.

Goals of the program:

The goal of the program is training a qualified specialist pharmacist who has a system of general cultural and professional competencies, capable and ready for independent professional activity.

We will help you improve the level of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of quality control of medicines, in terms of the effectiveness and safety of their use, as well as the development of recent advances in the field of pharmaceutical analysis.

Tasks of the program:

  1. To provide general professional training of a pharmacist, including the fundamentals of fundamental disciplines and the compliance of a specialist;
  2. To form professional knowledge, abilities, skills;
  3. To explore opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry;
  4. To improve knowledge of the basics of medical and pharmaceutical ethics of a pharmacist, the foundations of medical psychology.

Join our program right now! We strive to see you soon!